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Waltz as a Bridal Dance

Bridal dances are already a tradition for weddings

The theme of waltz for bridal dances is the classic one, the one that we can most notice in weddings in general around the world. How can we not dedicate an entire article to it to reveal all its details?

Learn more about waltz bridal dances here, and the two best themes with which you can set them.

Waltz as a Bridal Dance

The Bridal Dance is still a tradition in time

Bridal dances have been proclaimed as a tradition in weddings for many centuries ago, but, at first you should know that they were not at all like what we know today as “classic”.

Why ?, simply due to the fact that music, as we know it today, was not always there. From some point in history it had to be transformed to the sounds that are most common to us, due to the creation and development of all the instruments that are used.

But this does not mean that the tradition is something modern, on the contrary, when there was no music as we know it today, wedding dances were already taking place, only a little different perhaps from what we can see today .

Perhaps that is why, by default, you always have your mind on that first special dance where we present ourselves to all those present as a couple who have joined in holy matrimony. Although we know that, today, there are many variations of it, they all have the same intention.

The waltz as a bridal dance was given by default at the wedding dance entrance

We have already explained to you that the waltz bridal dances were not always the classics, there were many others as the history of music developed and the necessary changes were made in the sounds so that it could occur.

The point of importance in the history is the creation of the instruments with which the development of classical music and opera could begin, since these two genres would then be those adopted by the bridal dances to join the melody and make it possible.

What happened then? A protocol began to be established according to the type of music that was being used. He may have been born in a small city, but it spread throughout the world and that is when the tradition began to pass. And, we can presume, that centuries later it is still the “default” measure.

Why do we say “by default”? For the simple fact that they were the genres that dominated in their time, there was no possibility of thinking of any other type of music because they were not present at the time. That is why today we can notice a variety of styles.

Waltz as bridal dances are no longer the first choice of many bride and groom

As time has gone by we can see how human beings have adopted new customs and traditions, it is only enough that one makes the decision to do it differently, so that it begins to have an impact on the rest of us.

Since classical music was created and opera was introduced, bridal waltz dances were required for the occasion, but, with the arrival of other genres and musical styles, all this has changed and a great social dispute has arisen regarding what is right and what is not.

Why did all this happen? Society has advanced in its tastes, and many genres seem more attractive to certain types of people than others. Maybe there is a special affection for a bachata song, for example, and the couple wants that to be their first dance. And we can’t blame them!

It is where we then think “is this wrong?”, Because everyone has the right to decide what will be the genre, theme and style of their bridal dance. But, society can often become a little harsh, or reluctant, in the face of these kinds of modern changes.

Waltz bridal dance themes

1 Princess Waltz
Since we are little we are aware that there is a real protocol thanks to the films made by platforms such as Disney. These are the first that make us dream, and want to be a prince, or a princess, and dance with the love of our lives.

Beyond knowing if you will live happily ever after, when it comes to the theme of a waltz for bridal dances, the first concept you always have in mind is that of the princess and the prince. Oh, be careful not to have the hateful stepmother!

What are the standards that must be followed for this? Luxury. It’s all about looking for everything that makes us live the fantasy, from the dress to the man’s suit. The appearance, and more.

But that’s not all, there is also the matter of dancing. If this theme is what makes you sigh, you should get a professional choreographer to help you dance with the fluency of a princess in love. And practice a lot with the dress and the heels, we don’t want something to go wrong.

2 Hollywood theme
Another theme of bridal dance waltzes you can consider is Hollywood, after all being a star is very similar to being part of royalty.

In this case, the subject of fantasy dresses and the appearance of a princess are left a little behind. The aim is to achieve a much more sober and elegant look, as if it were a very formal dance. But this does not mean that it is carried with less enthusiasm than the previous option.

You should know that Hollywood dances also take work, and you can set the entire dance floor as such so that you feel like you’re starring in your own movie. It falls off wonderfully if you have not brought any theme for the wedding in general, and you have only managed to do something luxurious and elegant.

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