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To do the first wedding dance with children

Have you thought about having the Bride and Groom Dance with your kids?

Dances with children are a very good option if you want to add a plus to your presentation that will give it innocence and make it much more adorable, and memorable, for all present.

Learn in this article all you need to know before making that decision.

first dance of the wedding to do it with children

Flower children are a trend

Although we don’t see it at every wedding we attend, children usually carry the flowers, and throw the petals down the aisle where the bride will walk, are a trend that is well marked in those unions where children already exist.

The protagonism given to them in that moment is truly beautiful and tender, becoming one of the most important moments of that day you have dreamed of so much. After all, who wouldn’t want the most important being in their life to participate?

But did you know that wedding dances with children are also a very good option to give the youngest members of the family the attention they are looking for?

Is there any risk in doing the first wedding dance with children?

Long before we find the person we want to share the rest of our lives with, we already have ideas in mind about how we want our wedding to be. A little selfish, considering the lack of input from the other side.

Once the commitment has been made, then a date is set that is far enough away, but necessarily close enough, that a whole plan can be made for that day, and that night. Where, anything that goes wrong, can be a major stress agent.

The first wedding dance with small children should not be considered a risk, we know that, in most cases, we cannot control all the movements that the children will give. But one thing is certain, his ability to give tenderness to any scenario is an advantage that will divert attention from any error.

It doesn’t matter if your child is the most tremendous one you’ve ever known, don’t let that limit you, or your child, from making one of the most important moments of the night last forever in the memory of both of you.

Can I do bridal dances with children if I don't have children?

Many people have in mind the possibility of doing bridal dances with children, but find the limitation of not having children. Although it is no longer the norm, most couples continue to arrive at the altar without having conceived.

It’s time not to be stubborn and to evaluate all the possibilities you have around you. Not having children is not a limitation for not including children in your wedding dance, although it is not that we can choose any child we know for that. It’s more a matter of sentimentality than preference.

The closest thing to you, in any case, would be a nephew. If you have a sister, or brother, who has had a baby for a while, and is old enough to be able to introduce you to dance then you can use that connection to make him feel as important as if he were your own child.

If not, there is also the possibility of consulting with some cousins. It’s all about feeling that, from the heart, they are the right ones to accompany you. And the parents, like the children, are willing to dance with you. Remember, you can’t impose an idea on either of us.

What do kids do at dances?

If we observe for a moment the participation of children in weddings in general, they are always taken as a support element for the opening for any situation. They are the ones who throw the flowers when the bride comes in, and go ahead with the rice when the newlyweds come out.

Likewise, depending on the age of the children who will be dancing with you, you should know what your limitations are. You can’t expect a 5-year-old to complete a strict and complex choreography like a 10-year-old might.

Our advice, for the first wedding dance with children it is always best to place them as a ticket to the dance. And that, at a certain point, it is they who give the husband to the wife and vice versa. So that then the choreography that has been thought out really begins.

However, you should know that everything will depend on the creativity of your dance. They are elements of innocence, treat them as such. Don’t try to sexualize them, that’s a sin that many parents, and some family members, always commit in the belief that it’s a good thing. Let’s let the kids be the angelic part forever.

Don't make the worst mistake in a wedding dance with children

Perfection is something that should be sought at the wedding, yes, but depending on some factors that we decide to use, we should be open to the fact that anything can go wrong. And, when we work with children, there’s always a very high probability that this will be the case.

It’s important that children don’t feel they’re forcing themselves into something, if they do, you run the risk that, at one point or another, they’ll decide simply not to do it. That’s why rehearsals, if you have them, should look like a game, rather than a project.

A bridal dance with children is a big risk for stressed out couples. We can’t expect everything to turn out the way we expect it to. It’s always best to try to relax and enjoy the moment as it came out. Because, you can’t change it, or blame it on a child.

If at the time of departure, the child decides not to do so, do not force him either. The only thing you can do is to avoid this with hard work on motivation in the moments before. It doesn’t matter if it’s from rehearsals, or that very day, you must motivate him to go out there and have fun.

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