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Protocol the first dance

Do you want to know the protocol of a Wedding Dance?

The protocol for the bride and groom dances is something you should know if what you want is that the closing of the formality, and the start of the party, go perfectly.

Keep reading to find all the steps to follow, and the tips that will ensure that your night is a dream.

the protocol of a Wedding Dance

When will the great moment of the first dance take place?

It is important to know that the wedding dance protocol that has been used for centuries ago establishes that the exact moment is when the banquet is over. Right after the bouquet has been passed to “the next bride” and the toast has been celebrated.

It should always be kept in mind that the wedding dance is like a closing for the most formal moments of the celebration, it is with the same that the official opening of the party is given, where we can notice a drastic change from formality to the fun.

Our recommendation is that you do it at the moment that all the acts that you have established for your celebration are over. Right after the speeches have been given, the gifts have been opened, or the cake has been cut. Once the party starts, you won’t be able to stop it.

Dance Style

Before they used to tell you that “this is how a bridal dance is done“, and they did not allow you to choose any other theme than a waltz. But, over the years, the truth is that it is no longer completely mandatory to continue doing it that way.

This is a protocol step that can be manipulated according to the preference of the couple, it is they who will enjoy the moment and will remember it forever. That is why there is no longer any imposition regarding the song, or the musical genre, to be used.

Many couples continue with the classic a bit and choose a ballad theme that has arrangements similar to the traditional genre, with piano, orchestra and lyrical sounds. While others take advantage of the freedom to choose musical genres further away from this, such as salsa, merengue and tango.

You should know that there is no problem, when a couple does not enjoy their bridal dance it can be noticed. On the other hand, when you are completely happy with the decisions that have been made, everything flows in a more than attractive way for everyone present, and for themselves.

Song selection

As we mentioned before, in the protocol for wedding dances it was required that some classic theme be used, with a specific song. But that today is no longer a problem. And we should give thanks for it !, since nobody dances something that they do not like.

Our best advice is to search among the topics that are of your preference, regardless of the genre they are. You will surely find a song that makes your skin stand on end, that makes you and your partner travel back in time to any memory, and that way they will know that it is the right one.

It may be that at the moment nothing comes to mind, and that is when we are looking for something is when we least find it. That is why you should take your time to make the right choice, when that great day approaches, a change like that may affect the result.

You should also know that, for a long time ago, the help of a dance course by a professional has been sought so that, at least, they guide the steps of the couple and keep in tune with the song, it is a great idea for demonstrate that this is how a bridal dance is done, with dedication, elegance and love.

What is the order of the dancers?

According to the opening protocol of a wedding dance, it is the newlyweds who must leave first. Then the bride and groom swap partners, which is when the best man starts dancing with the bride after the groom grants permission in front of everyone.

While the bride is dancing with the best man at the wedding (who is usually a relative, or close friend) the groom should not be left alone, that is why he should dance with his mother, or his failing sister.

After the godparents, it is then that the bride passes the dance to the father-in-law, and the groom to his mother-in-law. The godparents, who have already passed, must then dance among themselves so as not to leave the dance floor. The idea is that everyone at the presidential table is celebrating that moment. No hassle!

Should there be any costume change?

The protocol for wedding dances does not really establish that there should be any change of wardrobe by the groom, or the bride. Although, on many occasions, we tend to appreciate it.

Why is this? One of the factors that comes into play is formality. Many times, the dress in which one arrives at the altar can be very heavy, long, and difficult to move with the simplicity that being on a dance floor deserves.

Similarly, another important factor to consider is whether the bridal dance will be set to a specific time, or theme. If so, then you should consider tailoring the look as close to it. Of course, without losing the prominence and the details that attract attention.

Should you dance alone?

Another point that is not specified in the protocol for wedding dances is whether to dance the couple alone, or in company. We know that there are some boyfriends much more timid than others, and those first minutes where everyone is watching them become eternal.

For this there is a very simple solution, and this is to organize a group dance. In these cases it is necessary to have professional help to put together a choreography and avoid all the stumbling blocks and disorder that may exist due to the lack of effort.

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