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How to make the first wedding dance fun?

Do you want to surprise at your wedding dance?

Enough of the classic, it’s time for couples to start doing fun, funny, and amazing wedding dances without the need to fear because they are getting a little out of hand.

first fun wedding dance

Learn in this article the most important points you need to consider in order to give this twist to the presentation to society of your marriage.

What makes a wedding dance fun?

Wedding dances can always be fun, no matter if they are set with the beautiful classic ballads we all have been listening to since our cousins’ weddings, or the younger aunts.

But, there is one factor that we cannot overlook, and that is humor. We don’t always have to do the classic, in fact, we can still charm the present in a different way. An illusion will still be maintained, but everything will be taken to a new level of entertainment and enjoyment.

Because the truth is that it is all about entertaining people and making a show that you enjoy. Because, if you think about it, a wedding dance is just a show. Something that is conceived, rehearsed and then performed. It’s like a wedding night performance.

You don’t necessarily have to do a comedy for everyone to have fun, you just have to know what elements you can change to enjoy it in a different way. If you succeed, you will live a unique experience that will inspire other couples nearby to try.

The choice of song may be the most important

Wedding dances have been based on classical pieces and operas since tradition began to be modernized. Which means then that it has been given a very formal and elegant context.

All this can be broken, without the need to discredit the moment or live an experience that is on a lower level. But how can we do this? The first thing is to start by changing the song you are going to choose. If you keep on dancing the typical ones, you may never get the effect you want.

We’ve already told you that funny wedding dances don’t have to be a comedy, it’s not about the audience laughing at you, it’s about you. And this rarely happens when it’s a classic, no matter how beautiful it is.

The list of songs you can take is endless, because the truth is that this is only the first aspect that we hope you will take into account. We have a few more for you, which will help you shape those ideas that are a bit foggy in your head.

You must create a story

It’s no secret that when we dance, our bodies tell a story. In traditional bridal dances we want to look confident, and convey to everyone present that we are happy and content to have joined in marriage with the person we have always dreamed of.

When it comes to fun wedding dances we should always look for something more. Apart from showing how happy and comfortable we are, we want to put on a show that brings out smiles, or that makes everyone who has decided to be with you in that great special moment say “wow, it’s so good!

What do you need to create a story, the first thing is the song. Then collect the ideas you and your partner have in mind to be presented to a professional. Only a dance expert can be able to create those steps that will help you convey that fun feeling you’re hoping for.

Another very important detail is to know that, if your budget allows it, they can also set the place where your wedding dance will take place with the theme of the dance. This is already optional, but you can get some ideas on the Internet regarding the decoration.

With these wedding dances you'll get the party started

Wedding dance from ¨Beyoncé¨

A couple of years ago, a fun wedding dance was popularized on the internet. The woman did it to her surprise husband where she compiled some of her best songs, and her dance steps, to fascinate not only her husband, but everyone present.

You can see in the expression of everyone there how they enjoyed them, laughing and marveling, the great work that was done with the help of the bridesmaids. And, to close it with a flourish, the bride brought her husband out to the dance floor and they danced, laughing and enjoying themselves in a unique way.

Wedding Dance from ¨Maroon 5¨

Maroon 5 is an American band that has a couple of songs that are able to liven up any party where you include them. For example, the song “Moves Like Jagger” in collaboration with Christina Aguilera can make everyone laugh and jump with you with good choreography.

Another song that has become popular on the internet for wedding dances to keep you laughing is “Sugar”. Although, there are a couple more from the band that will help you liven up the party and present your new marriage to society in a different way.

Clown wedding dance

There’s nothing more fun than clowns. For funny wedding dances it can be a good idea to dress up, with a couple of courtship, as clowns and dance to those songs that made us laugh so much, and still do so no matter how much time passes.

The song ¨YMCA by Village People¨ is perhaps the best song of all time to enliven events like these. Be sure to get the party started from the first minute if you decide on this song which, although it’s a classic, is allowed to be enjoyed by the younger generation.

It's not bad to want a traditional wedding dance

There’s nothing wrong with traditional wedding dances. In fact, they’re still as beautiful as ever. But, the fun wedding dances are those designed for the most daring couples. Are you among them or do you prefer the classic style?

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