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how to do a perfect first wedding dance?

Do you want to know how to do a suitable Wedding Dance?

How to make a perfect wedding dance, the question that goes through the minds of those couples who recognize the importance of the moment, but do not know how to make it look like in the movies.

Let’s talk a little about the relevance of the matter, and know the most important tips that will help you reach perfection.

easy and simple wedding dance

It’s not just about the wedding dance, it’s the memory in general

The truth is that it is not just a perfect wedding dance, but an impeccable wedding, that is, everything in general. And, dancing is perhaps one of those moments that, if they go wrong, can ruin the rest of our memories.

Many are the brides, and the grooms, who spend most of their lives imagining, and gathering ideas, about that special day. Call them crazy, but this all starts before you even get the right person.

When you are finally engaged, this is where the challenge of putting all those little ideas together and putting together a great plan that not only works for the couple, but also for everyone present, really begins. It will be useless if it is the best day for you, if those around you do not feel that they are in something important.

So, before thinking that it is just a wedding dance that “doesn’t matter”, remember that it is part of your great wedding night. What we want to tell you is that, if you don’t want a moment to ruin the whole memory, make an effort to ensure it.

Why is so much importance given to the perfection of the wedding dance?

The wedding dance is not something that began a couple of decades ago. In fact, it is much older than we can imagine. However, from a few centuries ago it became popular and adapted to the music that we know today as “typical”.

This is not only a moment of celebration, but it is also the presentation of a marriage to society. That is to say to all those present who have joined in sacred marriage, and that they appreciate the achievement they have achieved.

Inadvertently, and without realizing it, we have adopted it as a tradition. Regardless of whether it is a wedding in royalty, or in the most humble places, the first piece that the newlyweds dance captivates everyone present, steals all the eyes and sighs of the place.

So, of course it has great social importance. But not only that, but the couple is, for the first time, dancing in holy matrimony. Everyone wants it to be a moment they cannot easily forget.

Don't be afraid to take time out for a couple of dance classes

Just as many women, and men, enter marriage without knowing how to make a home, and learn along the way, you can take advantage of wedding planning to finish learning some of the important things of the night.

For example, all women wish that, when they are walking in heels, all eyes follow her. But that this is not due to how bad they do it, if not to how fluid they look, how natural, and the upright posture they provide.

Similarly, it is necessary to learn to dance, at least the basics, before imagining how to make a wedding dance perfect. There is no use investing a lot of time and money if you have not dealt with the most important thing of all: really knowing how to move your feet.

Be careful, we are not saying that you should be a professional in terms of dance. But you should be careful not to step on your partner, and move smoothly. Unless you want something unexpected to happen in the middle of it. You do not want it!

How to make a perfect dance for your wedding?

It is no secret to anyone that when we dance, our bodies tell a story. In traditional bridal dances we want to look safe, and convey to all present that we are satisfied and happy to have joined in marriage with the person we had always dreamed of.

When it comes to fun bridal dances we should always look for something else. Aside from showing how happy and comfortable we are, we want to make a show that brings out smiles, or that makes people say “well, how good it is!” to all who have decided to be with you in that great special moment.

What do you need to create a story? The first thing is the song. Then collect the ideas that you and your partner have in mind to be presented to a professional. Only a dance expert may be able to create those steps that will help you convey that fun feeling you expect.

Another detail of great importance is knowing that, if your budget allows it, they can also set the place where your bridal dance will take place with the theme of it. This is already optional, but you can give yourself some ideas on the internet regarding the decoration.

How to make your wedding dance perfect?

1 Choose a theme
It does not matter if you are one of the people who decides to give a theme to the wedding, or not. The wedding dance can also be set to a certain moment in history, place in the world, or any other theme that surrounds your imagination.

For this you can evaluate the possibilities with your partner, and find both an idea that helps them give their best. This will help them make it perfect because it is something that they both want to come out as well as possible.

2 Choose the right song
We all know that wedding dances start with a waltz, but this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. They are pieces that certainly excite some people, but not all. Therefore, you should not be afraid to get out of the box and choose any other that you really want to be the first to dance with your partner.

This is another point where you both must be on the same page. If they have already chosen a theme, then they can use that as a basis to get a list of songs that they think will be in accordance with it. After listening carefully, the indicated will surely emerge.

3 Get a wedding dance course
The truth is that the possibility of doing a perfect movie bridal dance, on your own, is very low, and this statement is based on the fact that they are scenes that are prepared, taught and rehearsed for days, weeks and even months. It is not by judging your skills, but you must be realistic.

The best option is always to find a course where I explain step by step how to perform the Wedding Dance who, hand in hand with all the proposals and ideas they have to offer, can put together the perfect step by step so that nothing is out of your compass in no time.

4 Has the right space
Part of knowing how to do a perfect wedding dance you must know the space you have. It is not a good idea to plan a choreography where you will move widely, if you know you can stumble at any time.

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