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Without having any knowledge of dance, can I learn a dance?

-This method is totally specialized and prepared for people who do not have any knowledge of dance. Our blocks are designed so that you can learn in a very easy and simple way. You will surprise all your guests, and the more you practice it the more confident you will be. 

How do we know which dance suits us best?

-We have a wide range of different styles for the dance of your wedding, you can see them in the section of ¨Courses¨, also within each dance we have a small demo so you can get an idea of the rhythm, cadence and style of dance.

-The most important thing is that you both like the type of song, each story is different and the song can be meaningful to you, this will help a lot when you learn the dance, because they will be a motivation for both.

Can I modify a pre-designed dance?

-All our pre-designed dances, are designed to be executed by different levels that you can choose. In addition, the explanatory videos specify several options, if you can not or want to perform a movement we give you another option so you can develop it, or you can also repeat sequences of the same dance.

If I need help in a pre-designed dance, can I count on a teacher?

-Our pre-designed dances are perfectly edited and explained with every detail so that you do not have any problem, however if you need help you can hire our remote assistance service, and one of our teachers will arrange an online correction.

How long do wedding dances last approximately?

-Our team prepares choreographies and dances that last approximately between 2:30 to 3:30 minutes, nevertheless all the choreographies are not equal and the musical rhythm is not the same either. However, in each pre-designed dance we inform you of the duration of the same.

Is the edited music included in the dances?

-Yes, once you access the payment of your chosen dance you will have the music edited and prepared in your virtual school so that you can rehearse with it and use it on your wedding day.

If we want to mount a song that is not in the catalog of dances, can you?

-We can mount a dance completely to your measure, just access the section of ¨Courses¨ and buy the package ¨personalized¨, our team of teachers will study the chosen song and perform the choreography within 1 week.

The song is too long or I want to do a mix. Can you edit the song for me?

– Yes, all the courses include music editing, except the personalized ones; in that case you would have to contact the customer service.

My partner doesn’t want to dance, what do I do?

– Your partner will love to dance, but he doesn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of family and friends. She thinks she is not capable of doing it well, so she refuses to do it. Surely whatever is on her mind about bridal dance, it is not at all what she will see in these courses. Most of the couples who have been our clients did not know how to dance, and all of them are 100% satisfied and proud. 

Can I really learn my dance with an online course?

– Yes, these courses are very complete, we have taken care of every detail, so that your day is perfect and magical.

-We guide you to do each of the steps from the first second until you repeat it as many times as you need so that you have it internalized and memorized 100%.It is made to be as if you had a teacher at home, but with the advantage of being able to do it as many times as you want, at the time you want, without having to move, without time limit

How can I pay?

-You can pay by credit card via ¨STRIPE¨, or via “Paypal” account

-Once the payment is made, you will be provided with a web page in your e-mail where you can access with your previously registered username and password.

I still have doubts

-Ask us all you need at